What’s a Wike?

What a great idea…

The Point Hamilton

The Wike: a perfect solution for cargo and people transportation. The Wike: a perfect solution for cargo and people transportation.

Cargo Bike Share in Crown Point Community Hub

by Andrew Hibma

A Wike is a brand of cargo bike that comes from Guelph that you may find riding through your neighbourhood. Five new cargo bikes will be rolling through Crown Point as part of a pilot project with New Hope Community Bikes that will provide even more options for sustainable, affordable local transportation. 

New Hope Community Bikes (NHCB) has been an asset to the Crown Point Community for five years. Ongoing support from the Crown Point Community Planning Team and the Hamilton Community Foundation has helped this social enterprise thrive. NHCB accepts donated bikes that are then refurbished with the help of youth and volunteers and offers a space where people of all ages can fix their own bikes and learn new skills. 

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A New Years Message to Justin Trudeau

Mind You

by Dr David Laing Dawson

I have in my head an image of three generations of a family fleeing in an oxcart from the destruction of war. Today they may be boarding a bus leaving Aleppo.

We respond emotionally to the images of children, wide-eyed, dusty, confused. But it is the older generation I think about, frail, arthritic, failing. The children may live to see the fighting stop and the country rebuilt. At the very least they can hope for this. But the grandparents know they are unlikely to live to see another round of peace and prosperity. They are unlikely to live long enough to see what becomes of their homes, their lands, and their grandchildren.

I was a university student during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Oddly I remember it as spring, but it must have been a warm October in 1962. I should have been studying for mid-terms…

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November’s Crown Point Community Planning Team Meeting

Well done, Crown Point!

Crown Point Community

Hello Crown Point Community,

We have two reminders for the community today:

  • Please plan to attend this month’s Community Planning Team Meeting on Monday, November 21st at Laidlaw United Church (155 Ottawa St N) from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm. This is our opportunity as Crown Point residents to have input in local initiatives and make positive changes in our community.
    Below, you’ll find the agenda links for November and the meeting minutes for October. On-site childcare can be available but you must call ahead to reserve space for your children: (905) 522-1148, Ext. 311. We will have some treats to enjoy and we hope to see you on Monday!
  • Also, please consider attending the City of Hamilton Vision Zero Action Plan Workshop which is happening on Tuesday, November 22nd from 5 pm – 9pm at the Hamilton Convention Centre. Vision Zero is a global movement transforming the way we use, interact and travel…

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Molly’s Mystical Smile

The mystery is what the love of God and the love of those who become part of our lives, can bring to our being…the power of a genuine smile, a warm handshake…

The Wind in the Trees

Molly's Mystical Smile

Henri Nouwen writes, “For Christian leadership to be truly fruitful in the future, a movement from the moral to the mystical is required.” This is true of everyone, not just leaders. By moral he means the human attempt to do the right thing on one’s own. While such an effort may evoke our admiration, eventually it saps the joy of the one who trudges on in this solitary way.

On the other hand, by mystical Nouwen means the experience of intimacy with God such that  we make our choices together in conversation with Him. Rather than the drudgery of mere moralism, we derive an energy from being connected to something larger and wiser than ourselves. When we touch the mystical, however, we find that, low and behold, it is moral. Goodness is divine. When the light penetrates, we may revel in love.

And the moral-mystical is all around us. For example, I often saw it…

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Seeing life through different eyes…

So the day after my birthday, gives me time to reflect on past, present and future.

My daughter says…but I always send you flowers and a balloon for your birthday. However, I returned from a visit to her home, where I was taken out for my birthday and received a gift as well, so no, I wondered but did not expect. I also went to visit her and my son, because as they live a distance, I can’t always grasp what is happening through phone calls or a skype call. So who am I? I have learned that I need to feel, experience, see with my own eyes to understand what is happening in my children’s lives. It’s important to me, because I love them, to see them periodically. So moving forward-to learn to ask the right questions, not to be satisfied with answers but to probe more if I don’t understand. So I am still learning and the words back from your children hit you in the face and bring back visual memories and hurts but also joy. So I choose to learn to listen to understand. One of my favorite quotes! I just need to practice and remember.


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3 Steps to Help Your Staff Work Smarter not Harder

Not new but certainly a need for a reminder about what we know.

Charles Benayon

hardsmartThere is a misconception in many workplaces that working harder and putting in longer hours will lead to success, but in fact working overtime can lead to a lack of relaxation time and tip your work-life balance in the wrong direction.

A recent study by HR Magazine found that “34% of people check their email as soon as they wake up every day, 38% of people check their email after work at home every day and yet 46% felt that it was a task and not email that detracted them away from more important work they prioritized.” Taking on too many tasks and needing to rely on working late to complete them can affect your mental wellbeing.

As employers, we want our employees to work hard and meet targets and deadlines, yet there is some degree of pressure associated with this. Pressure can be a great asset to productivity, but…

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2 Stubborn old women

I moved at the beginning of October 2015. Today is Jan. 7-so Lily and I have been here three months. It has been an interesting transition. Our new housemate is just a bit younger than I am and it was Lily that encouraged this change. What some of us won’t do for our pets.

My new housemate is a dog whisperer and she was able to stop Lily from dragging me around the courtyard, when I was taking her for a walk. So from August of 2014 to today, we have become friends. Someone who loves my dog, is going to be my friend for sure.

We know from our  wraparound work that relationships make a huge difference, in a day to day existence. More on that relationship stuff later.


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